These are companies, mostly small businesses and solo/mompreneurs that I believe in, want to support, and that I frequently recommend to my clients.

I am an affiliate of these companies. I receive a commission on the sales that originate from my site.

Mommy Labor Nurse Childbirth Education S
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Liesel Teen
AKA, Mommy Labor Nurse

If you are planning a pregnancy, pregnant or postpartum, you have probably seen her on Instagram or maybe you have found her podcast. But what you might not have known is that most of my clients have taken one of Liesel's courses and Liesel is a graduate of the Comprehensive Postpartum Program! 

In case you dont know her yet, she is a mother of two, an L&D nurse, childbirth educator, podcaster and more! Shes smart and has a great personality and you will love her courses.

Use code MOTHERWITMATERNITY to get 10% off her courses (bundles excluded).

Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism (P&PA)

Created by Brianna Battles, a strength and conditioning coach who has developed a certification for coaches and programming options for pregnancy and postpartum athletes. I am a proud P&PA Coach and when clients can't afford ongoing one on one support or simply don't feel they need that level of support, I frequently recommend her program. Likewise, I want to help fill the world with coaches who understand pregnancy and postpartum and can provide better support and guidance during this time. If you are considering her course, email me and I'd be happy to talk to you about choosing this path.

POP UP: An Uplifting Resource

POP UP is a collection of courses intended for those who may have or who have been diagnosed with Pelvic Organ Prolapse, AKA POP. Even if the diagnosis was long ago, this course is still very useful!

Mother Wit clients have LOVED this course!

There are even courses for professionals who are ready to learn more! 

Jessie Mundell

Pre/postnatal exercise specialist

Jessie's Programs are so accessible. They are designed in a way that they actually grow with you.

She has a podcast that is worthy of checking out too! It's called, "To Birth and Beyond"