For the perinatal period AND COVID-19 updates

Evidence-Based Birth (Rebecca Decker, Founder, RN, PhD)

Click on "Parents" to find articles on topics such as due dates and Group Beta Strep. Additionally, she has a podcast where she will talk you through the evidence on a wide range of topics that are often of great interest to soon-to-be parents like, the evidence on sweeping membranes and other natural induction methods. She also offers EBB Childbirth Education.

Emily Oster, PhD (Professor of Economics, Writer, Parent)

Why and I recommending an Economics Professor? Well, I've been following her since I first heard her interviewed on Fresh Air after the release of her first book, Expecting Better. Quite frankly, she does a better job explaining the evidence on some of the most commonly asked questions by pregnant people daily, like...
Can I drink coffee while pregnant? Or, how crazy should I make myself about weight gain in pregnancy? She is brilliant and if truth be told, the majority of us (Midwives and OBs alike) neither have the time to dig into the research as she does nor have we been trained adequately for the task at hand. I am grateful for her work every day.

Pregnant Woman


Young Mother Expecting
  • Learn about your rights as a birthing person

  • About obstetric violence

  • Explore self-advocacy tools and courses

  • Antiracism resources

  • Review and/or contribute to COVID related policy updates for hospitals around the country

Prenatal, birthing, postpartum and pediatric reviews provided by black and brown people. Review doctors, midwives and hospitals here. White folks, consider choosing your providers based on the reviews of BIPOC people. Together we are more powerful. Together we can improve the quality of care for all birthing people.

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For Comprehensive Postpartum Care Program Members and Graduates

This page is updated frequently and by request. Remember, postpartum is forever and your needs are ever-changing. We get that and want to support you!


Hospital Bag Packing List

This Hospital bag packing list should be helpful as you gear up for your birth.

Postpartum Planning Toolkit

This Postpartum Planning Toolkit will help you plan for your immediate postpartum period – including organizing in-person support, food prep, managing visitors, and a list of helpful items to have on hand.

Jack Newman: A visual guide to breastfeeding

This Postpartum Planning Toolkit will help you plan for your immediate postpartum period – including organizing in-person support, food prep, managing visitors, and a list of helpful items to have on hand.

Common Breastfeeding Challenges

While we recommend that you reach out to Tanya with breastfeeding questions and concerns, this website provides a list of common breastfeeding challenges and provides some remedies. Remember, breastfeeding issues are time sensitive – so always communicate!

Infant Care 101

This video reviews the newborn bath, diapering and swaddling.

Umbilical Cord and Post-circumcision care

This video is about caring for the umbilical cord and post-circumcision care.

Postpartum Warning Signs and Symptoms

Mama Doctor Jones discusses weird postpartum symptoms and warning signs – and does so with a sense of humor. No small feat!

PRINTOUT: Postpartum warning S&S

This printout lists the common warning signs of postpartum emergencies, which are uncommon but important to identify early. We recommend printing this and taping it to your fridge, or somewhere else easy to reference.

Postnatal Depression in Partners

Although less common, postpartum depression can occur in partners too. In fact at least 1 in 10 partners struggle with postpartum depression, likely many more go unreported.

A New Way to Think About the Transition to Motherhood (TED Talk)

This video and article discuss an important way of framing the transition to motherhood, or “matresence,” as referred to by Dr. Alexandra Sacks. To better understand this concept, compare it to the wild ride we call adolescence. It’s up to you to watch the TED Talk or read the NYTimes article – both convey her message.

The Birth of a Mother (NY Times Article)

In case you prefer to read about it instead of watch the TED Talk above.

Early Postnatal Exercises (Brianna Battles)

In this video, you will see the following: Prone breathing, supine breathing, glute bridges, marching, rocking and squatting. These may seem really basic but give this series of movements a go and then check in about what you felt. Did you feel any pressure, pain or experience any leaking? Tanya will help you progress these movements based on your birth experience, how this felt and your goals. Longer versions with detailed explanations are available on her YouTube page.

Perineal massage (postpartum/scar tissue release)

Your midwife will let you know if and when this is appropriate for you and your unique healing process.

The Pelvic Wand

This is sometimes helpful for perineal massage and trigger points.

Cesarean Section Scar Massage

Your midwife will let you know if and where this is appropriate for you and your unique healing process.

Diastasis Recti Self-Assessment

Your midwife will tell you when it is the right time for you to check in with your abdomen in this way and will guide you in the appropriate exercises given your findings.

Body Image: Why Im not trying to get my body back after birth (Article)

Postpartum brings with it many thoughts and feelings about our changing bodies. Here is one perspective that you might find valuable or worth considering.


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