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/ˈˌməT͟Hər ˈwit/ noun.
The natural ability to cope with everyday matters; common sense.

Preparing your relationship for postpartum, a free mini-course.


Our mission is to provide wellness services that promote optimal pregnancy outcomes, safe and satisfying birth experiences and ease the transition into parenthood.

Mother Wit Fertility Services

For women planning a pregnancy as well as those struggling with infertility. Often times, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes can help improve conception rates and improve pregnancy and birth outcomes.

For women at any stage of pregnancy interested in optimizing their health and wellbeing. Birth planning, education, advocacy, exercise and nutrition support are available and customizable.

Prevent complication, catch small problems early, before they become bigger problems, emotional support and education for the entire family unit. Reconnect to your core and pelvic floor, breastfeeding support and so much more.

Mother Wit Prenatal Services
Mother Wit Postnatal Services


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I am currently working with Tanya and have been loving it so far! My husband and I want a child in the future. As someone who is 35, overweight, and has preexisting health conditions, it is really important for me to take the best care of myself now so that I can have a healthy baby and a successful pregnancy down the road. I also have been on the pill for a decade, so I had no idea what to expect my body to do once off of it.

Tanya has been a true partner as I begin this journey, helping me cultivate healthy habits at a pace that is right for me and conducive to sustainable results. I am already seeing weight loss and improvement in my glucose levels from our work on my nutrition and fitness goals. Her positive, holistic approach allows me to be kind to myself but also gives me the push I need when I need it. Moreover, her expertise and experience as a Midwife enable her to provide me additional guidance, advice, and reassurance on this journey.

She is highly knowledgeable, very responsive, warm, supportive, and has my highest recommendation. She really makes you feel heard and empowered. I am lucky to be working with her and excited to continue to get healthy!

Chantal Z.

Frequently asked questions

How do I decide which service to purchase?

If you are considering the monthly subscription option, schedule your free consult: Plans & Pricing > Book on-line. If you are only in need of a few sessions to address a specific concern (and its your first visit) schedule a one hour consultation. From there we can decide together what the next best step is for you (i.e. how many sessions, how long they should last....or maybe we solved a problem in one session! If you are a returning client, you can always schedule a 30 min session or 1h if you feel you need extra time. If you still feel unsure, just email me at and Id be more than happy to help.

How do you provide fitness support virtually?

There are three approaches that I use to virtual fitness support. 1) You tell me your story, your fears, your aches and pains, your goals, etc and I listen. Together we come up with a plan that will work for you. 2) Sometimes we have you set up your computer or phone so that you can work on a skill right there with me. This might be early postpartum people who are learning to reconnect their core and pelvic floor to their breath or it may be someone a bit farther along who is working on managing pressure while jumping rope or lifting weights. Basically, we work on technique and various strategies that will get you back to doing what you love symptom free. 3) Use the exercise library and the guide to fitness to design your own at home body weight only workouts and we can check in by email, text or Marco Polo weekly.

Why can't I purchase the text only option if I haven't had a visit?

It is really important to me, that I know a good deal about you before we start texting as our primary method of comunication. I will provide this service to anyone who has had a free consult, completed my intake forms and had at least one 60 minute consult. This program is actually best for those who were in the subscription program for at least one month and for whom the texting aspect of this care has become what they have come to rely on the most. Most people who take advantage of this option have spent 2-3 months in the program and we have developed a great working relationship together.