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for Healthcare Providers

Created by Tanya Tringali, in collaboration with Empowering Midwifery Education. 

“This was a great course! I learned a lot, not just for my practice, but for myself! The flow of the course was well done and made it easy to revisit certain topics. The extra resources and videos will be something I use for the rest of my career!”     -Paige Rowland, CNM, Philadelphia, PA

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Coaches and birth workers...Are you ready to up your game when it comes to Pelvic Organ Prolapse? This course is for professionals and is full of insights and strategies that will help you better support your clients and get them moving again.

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Are you a coach who works with pregnant and postpartum people and in need of more information in order to better support your clients? This is one of the certifications that I have and I highly recommend it!


This course was created by Lisa Palladino, IBCLC, CNM. You can learn more about her, her work and her approach on the Mother Wit Podcast.

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