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Higher Education

Maybe brief talking points here - a sentence of what you can do for them, etc.

Service Name

what kind of programs are you looking to develop with outside people? service learning; simulations -- what are these specifically? where have you seen success with higher education practice?

I am currently on faculty at Georgetown University, where I serve as a Clinical Faculty Advisor supervising advanced nursing students' clinical practicum experiences. I am also a member of New York University's Midwifery Program faculty, where I teach relevant clinical skills to students at the start of each semester. 

In addition to classroom teaching experience, I have developed service learning opportunities, including a course on reproductive health in developing nations, during which I traveled to Haiti with students to volunteer with organizations such as Midwives for Haiti and Village of Vision for Haiti Foundation. 

In my capacity as an academic mentor, I developed a six week orientation on studying and test taking skills. I have also been a guest lecturer on topics such as [INPUT INFO]. I am also accredited with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (maybe more about this because I'm not totally sure what this means)

Study Abroad/Service Learning opportunities

Simulations (I think people in healthcare know what I mean and I dont want to limit this but we can discuss)

Capstone projects

Academic Mentoring: Developed a 6w orientation on study and test taking skills...

ACME accreditation

Guest lecturer (fitness, telehealth, entrepreneurship)

Commenting on success might mean siting the research on the benefits of including some of these things in curriculum. I dont think there is a way to cite my own success here. Can you think or any other creative work around? 

Let's Work Together

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