Adventures in exclusive pumping for twins

Kristen Ross is a Mother Wit mama who I had the of pleasure of working with through her third and fourth trimesters. She has 16-month-old identical twin girls now and has recently become a postpartum doula through Erica Davis’s Whole body pregnancy. So, if you are in L.A. and in need, you can find her at @twin.postpartum.doula on Instagram or visit her website to learn more about her services.

Kristen has become the master of all exclusive pumpers for twins so I invited her onto the Mother Wit Podcast to share her story and some tips.

Kristen's story

When the babies were born at 36 weeks, one baby was in recovery with me, Dani, and the other baby was in the NICU for the duration of the time we were in the hospital, Gaby. Thankfully, she had a very quick recovery and we were able to go home together on day 5 postpartum. That meant I had one baby with me who could attempt nursing on a regular basis and one baby who could only attempt to nurse when I was in the NICU. I had a really rough recovery from my C-section and I was very immobile. The entire five days in the hospital, I was only able to go to the NICU twice. The rest of the time Blake, my husband, spent a lot of time in the NICU because I just couldn't. That was really hard.