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I can be fit!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Koalas climbing ropes

Elephants swinging kettlebells (American style) by the trunk

Tigers flipping tires

Could this be any cooler???

Maybe only their IG account @icanbefitkids. If you are not already following, start now! It is heart-warming and inspiring, often at the same time, and full of images of diverse children and families all over the world making movement a fun part of their lives.

I desperately want to see the next generation of kids grow up wanting to be strong and healthy as opposed to thin and beautiful and that is exactly the seed that this book plants in the minds of children and adults alike. This book is inspiring whole families to move their bodies. You'll see moms and babies burpeeing together, dads and their little ones walking on their hands, and parents supporting their kids through feats of strength, bravery and skill most would rather watch rather than try themselves.

I've known Sam and Manny (the author-illustrator duo) since 2014 when I first started CrossFit at my OG box, Crossfit718 in Brooklyn, NY. These guys were killing it. I looked up to them. First for their strength and dedication in the gym and eventually for their brilliance and for the way they showed their love for the sport, their CrossFit family, and their actual families.

Sam is a full-time mom to two little girls, Ruby (2) and Juliette (4), a high school vice-principal by day and a Crossfitter/author by night. She recently told her two birth stories on the Strong Mom's Fitness Podcast. Sam swam and played basketball until college and then like so many Americans, lost touch with her fitness until she found CrossFit. Fun fact: She and her husband spend most of their "date nights" at the gym!

Manny is a husband and father to Rose (11), a graphic designer at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and a freelance illustrator. What I didn't know was that he was inspired by Sam to start CrossFit years ago when they met playing competitive dodgeball, which admittedly I didn't even know was a thing until just now. He saw how strong she was getting and jumped on board. He's never looked back. Like most of us CrossFitters, we appreciate the variation and accountability of its unique design. Soon enough, the people we meet there become a part of our lives and we are hooked forever.

This book is a great example of folks who made lemonade out of pandemic lemons. Hats off to them and I hope this is the first of many more to come!

If you want to own a copy of this book, visit their website. their shop right on Instagram or you can find it on Amazon or Etsy. You can also share videos of your family getting fit and be featured in their feed by tagging them @icanbefitkids or using the hashtag #icanbefitkids -Tag me too because I wouldn't want to miss a fitness moment with a Mother Wit baby! @mother.wit.maternity


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